Radient’s patented MAP™ rapid-speed extraction platform extracts natural active compounds at commercial-scale, using less energy, time, and solvent than any existing conventional solvent extraction method. The result? A purer, cleaner extract that’s higher in active ingredients.

Compared to existing extraction methods including Supercritical Fluid/CO2 Extraction and Steam Distillation, MAP™ is capable of:

  • Processing much higher throughputs 
  • Delivering significantly higher active ingredient purity
  • Increasing recovery of actives from biomass
  • Using far less solvent, and eliminating the use of toxic solvents
  • Achieving full extraction at large-scale volumes in minutes rather than hours

  • Targeted extraction of desired active compounds

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MAP™ Extraction


Radient provides turnkey extraction solutions for volumes ranging from a single kilogram to multi-metric tons via its unique, continuous-flow MAPTM technology. Radient can extract every commercially relevant class of natural compound, including Lipids, Glycosides, Alkaloids, Phenolics, Terpenes, and Proteins. Radient serves market leaders in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care, Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals
  • Foods & Beverages (including Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals)
  • Cannabis & Hemp
  • Tobacco

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MAP™, or Microwave Assisted Processing, is Radient’s proprietary, patented extraction platform that is capable of safely extracting active natural compounds from renewable biomass at commercially relevant scale. Because MAP™’s rapid-speed, continuous flow process does not require the use of toxic solvents, and uses less energy than other conventional extraction methods, Radient is also considered a “clean” chemistry company.  

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