Radient Strategic Partners

Radient has formed the following strategic partnerships in order to leverage its business operations and global corporate development.


After Radient and Aurora completed a Joint Venture Research Agreement in which Radient’s MAP™ method proved successful in the commercial-scale extraction of cannabinoids, Aurora and Radient entered into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) in 2017.

Under the terms of this agreement, Radient will provide extraction and processing services for Aurora in relation to the development, commercialization and supply of standardized cannabis extracts. Radient will provide processing services to Aurora for the production of extracts from material supplied by the Company, which may include both cannabis and hemp. The agreement initially covers services delivered in Canada, Australia and the European Union, including Germany, where Aurora’s wholly owned subsidiary, Pedanios, is the largest distributor of medical cannabis on the continent. 


In October 2018 Radient entered into a 50/50 Joint Venture agreement with global nutritional supplement manufacturer Grupo Natac to create a new global entity, Natac Solutions. Natac Solutions develops and manufactures a wide range natural extracts for a variety of industries including foods & beverages, functional foods, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.  

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Natac Solutions leverages Radient’s MAP™ extraction technology and in-depth knowledge of active compounds with Natac’s expertise in the production of clinically validated natural ingredients.