Radient has had success with every commercially-relevant class of natural products.


Cyclopamine from plant biomass

Client’s Commercial Goals

  • Maximize yield of very valuable compound in expensive raw material
  • Maximize purity of the crude extract
  • Develop efficient purification / isolation steps

Results Achieved

recovery of active from 65% to 95% compared to conventional processes

extraction time 8h to 30 min and simplified purification and isolation steps.

average crude extract concentration 8% to 13%

replaced toxic solvent with benign substitute, solvent ratios from 10:1 to 4:1 – driving down solvent and energy costs


Flavor Compound From Berries

Client's Commercial Goal

• Benchmark MAP against conventional process for difficult-to-extract product

• Reduce extraction time and solvent requirements

• Improve recovery

Results Achieved

Reduced number of extraction stages required from
3 to 2

Increased total extract yield

Significantly reduced total processing time

Significantly reduced total solvent requirement