We provide the most advanced extraction solutions for natural products.

We use a proprietary method of extraction called Microwave Assisted Processing, or M.A.P.

M.A.P. is Radient's patented, core technology which yields substantially higher results than conventional natural compound extraction.

Let Us Explain

Conventional Extraction

The biomass housing the target compound is soaked in solvent, heated to 50°C or more, and over several hours, the natural compound of interest diffuses into the solvent. Following filtration, drying, and other downstream processing, the target ingredient is isolated.

This method consumes dramatically more time, energy, and resources than M.A.P.

M.A.P. is a great improvement over Conventional methods.

Less and More

Less equipment, more product. M.A.P. manufacturing occupies a relatively small footprint in relation to the conventional method, while yielding more.

Save Time

Extraction time is typically measured in minutes, not hours, with clients seeing improvements of 90% or more.

Compound Recovery

M.A.P. maximizes the amount of target compound recovered per unit of biomass, and can cost-effectively isolate and extract compounds previously considered uneconomic.

Increased Purity

In a recent example, a client extracting lignans from flax seed was able to achieve a purity of 65%, significantly exceeding their original target purity of 35%.

Less Energy and Waste

M.A.P. enables clients to drastically reduce solvent usage: in one example, a client reduced its solvent ratio from 10:1 to 4:1, while simultaneously to switching from a toxic to benign solvent.

This is all possible because of our expertise
(and portfolio of patents) with microwave energy.

This Is How M.A.P. Works

Combining M.A.P. technology and our experience with natural compounds, we are able to selectively deposit microwave energy into a biomass, heat the target elements, while leaving other materials unaltered.

The near-instantaneous “in-core” heating that occurs creates pressure that drives out the target compound exceedingly faster than the conventional extraction method.